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A podcast that looks at the history of the characters who became the lovable Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Ep10 Ride of the Space Donkey


Ep10 Ride of the Space Donkey

Episode 10 Fist Fights in Space

Hosts: Jesse Butler, Jeff Davis

Cover Art: Telan

What does a destroyer do when he’s got nothing left to destroy?

Special note, Wait, What? episode 187 talks about Captain Marvel and Rick’s acid trip.


Captain Marvel 42-44

Steve Englehart

Al Milgrom

Mike Esposito 42
Frank Giacoia 42

Al Milgrom 43-44

Phil Rachelson 42

Petra Goldberg 43

Janice Cohen 44

Tom Orzechowski

Marv Wolfman

Cover Artists:
Al Milgrom 42-44

Bernie Wrightson 43

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